We work with people who are making their own path.

Whether you are a tech founder on a mission to disrupt the status quo, or a social entrepreneur who is transforming lives for the better, understanding the communications needs of your audience is critical to your success.

We have worked with many kinds of innovators, from those driving change within large established organisations to those building their own enterprises from scratch. The common ground is a vision to make a positive impact and a determination to do things differently.

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We have lots of stories to share about the work we’ve done. Here are two of our favourites. 


Data Unions and data crowdselling

Do people want to sell their data? Will they act collectively to pool their individual data streams and trade them through blockchain-based technology? How much do they expect to make? What do they think of the first service to offer this possibility?

We spent two months in late 2019 / early 2020 helping Streamr answer these questions as part of their preparations to launch Data Unions as a new digital product. What we discovered promises to help shape the direction of a disruptive new idea.

We put together a programme of work and delivered strategic answers by:

  • Designing a research process to explore ‘the chasm’ between early adopters and early majority tech users
  • Organising in-depth interaction with users through three focus groups and 21 follow-up interviews
  • Compiling a detailed research report, research briefing, and presentation with recommendations for how to design and talk about an idea that no-one knows about yet. 

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Rewilding Britain

Rewilding vs climate breakdown campaign

How can restoring nature help the UK achieve net zero carbon emissions and help us rise to the challenge of the climate emergency? How does a small, decentralised charity with a controversial message respond to the pace of change in public attitudes on these issues? And how does it mobilise national support at short notice without spending huge sums?

As joint communications leads we helped Rewilding Britain ride the wave of increased public awareness in spring 2019, devising and delivering a robust, creative campaign that included: 

  • A parliamentary petition that drew over 100k signatures in six weeks and triggered a debate in the UK parliament
  • A milestone report on land use and carbon capture in the UK 
  • Digital content for RB’s supporters and the wider public to get behind the call to restore natural processes 
  • A front-page Guardian feature
  • A 50% increase in Twitter followers and subscribers to the Rewilding Britain newsletter (with no paid budget)
  • A significant increase in donations and offers of corporate support for the charity in 2019 

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“No matter the self-conceited importance of our labours we are all compost for worlds we cannot yet imagine.”

David Whyte